Income Tax rates and bands 2011/12 2010/11
Basic rate band 0-31,865 0-32,010
Higher rate band 31,866-150,000 32,011-150,000
Additional rate over 150,000 over 150,000

*Startin rate band is within basic rate band and applies to saving incomes only; If taxable general income exceeds the band, the 10% rate is not available.

Tax Rates: Rates differ for General/Savings/Dividents

2011/12 and 2010/11

Tax rates G S D
Starting rate N/A 10% 10%
Basic rate 20% 20% 10%
Higher rate 40% 40% 32.5%
Additional rate 50% 50% 42.5%

General income (salary, pension, profit, rent) uses lower rate bands first, then savings (interest), then dividents. Discretionary trusts: basic rate as above applies to first £1,000 of income, then highest rate.